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Trekking and Camping
Small, moderately tough treks in the sahyadris. This activity emphasizes on being in a group and achieving success. It also focuses on managing in crisis situations and working together in a team.  
River rafting is a great way to travel through some very special places. It provides opportunities to explore some of the skills of teamwork, leadership and planning.  
Orientation / Treasure Hunt
Orienteering is an increasingly popular and healthy Sport for all ages which combines easy map reading and Compass skills. Orientation helps individuals to get used to being in the forest or the unknown areas. This activity helps build self-confidence and sense of security. This skill is fundamental to their future explorations of nature. Treasure hunt is a fun based activity using orientation skills learnt in finding hidden treasure.  
Nature Trails & Exploring
There is so much to learn in Nature and Exploring. One gets introduced to various brids, snakes, insect , animals not forgetting plants , shrubs leaves and flowers . Individuals enjoy nature for the pure joy of the experience. Values such as self reliance are particularly learnt. You are responsible for yourself. Your actions have specific consequences. Lessons of the wild teach us something about being human and what our relationship to nature is all about.  
Survival Nights
These survival nights are the most interesting part of the Outdoor programmes. Individuals learn to be responsible not only for themselves but the whole group. It includes staying in temporary accommodation with a minimum, equipment, recourses, etc.  
Rock Climbing
The sport or activity of climbing sheer rock faces, especially by means of specialized techniques and equipment. Rock climbing provides excitement, challenge and an opportunity to set goals. Using specialized climbing ropes, harnesses, helmets and other hardware, climbing provides appropriate challenges.  
Abseiling / Rappelling
Rappelling is a technique developed in rock climbing to safely move down vertical spaces, such as cliff faces. It provides opportunities to explore goal setting, taking challenges, facing fears, trust and communication.  
Assault Course
Teams rotate through our various assault course elements. Events are chosen for group’s ability, each event takes approximately 30 minutes. All events require the team to work together and communicate. These activities ensure participating in a team and competing to win.  
Raft Building
A classic teambuilding exercise, teams must develop a plan to build a raft to carry team members acroos the lake. There are limited resources. Good teamwork, cooperation, creativity and communication will help to build a successful raft.